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This infrared thermometer includes sensing head, indicating lamp, display screen, settings, memory, ON/OFF and battery cover.

As a high-quality product with infrared technology mainly designed for human`s body temperature, 32.0℃~ 43.0℃ (89.6℉~ 109.4℉), this infrared thermometer can ensure the accuracy of measurement through self-checking when it turns on.
For this infrared thermometer, there are two measurement methods, (1) Sensing measurement: The infrared thermometer will automatically measure the temperature when the sensing head senses the objective at 1CM; During the sensing process, it is not necessary to contact the objective; (2) Manual measurement: When the infrared thermometer turns on, press the [ON/OFF" key, push forward the key  and then target at the objective at 1CM with the sensing head. the measurement can be completed within several seconds. During the sensing process, it is not necessary to contact the objective.
Note: For both methods mentioned above, a second measurement can be conducted through pressing the [ON/OFF" if the infrared thermometer will not be moved after the first measurement.

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